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Sunday, April 22, 2012

Driving Into My Culdesac: Say What?

Waking up this Sunday morning seemed  like any other. A nice cup of tea to start my day soothed my body and soul. Looking out onto my deck I observed the male and female cardinal snacking on the bird house food we had left for them. "Good morning birdies, we have a beautiful day before us."

My phone rang off the hook since I am coordinating a benefit/memorial for a friend and taking in auction items for the silent auction. I love being able to put the gifts God has blessed me with to help a friend in need. So sad though that the benefit is now a memorial because Steve who was awaiting a stem cell transplant from his sister never did get strong enough to have the procedure. Life is so very fragile. All in all though, life is all about lessons and being there for one another.

Later in the afternoon, twin sister and I went out to one of our favorite lunch spots called Khans Mongolian Barbecue. My kids were at their father's house for the weekend, so sis and I could talk about many of the ideas we had for the benefit/memorial.

Upon driving home and rounding our culdesec by our home, we were shocked by what we saw. Three police cars lined the street directly in front of my home. My heart pounded out of my chest and visions too many to name were flooding my psyche. My sister Linda and I drove in the driveway and literally jumped out of the car.  I spotted two police men standing in front of my neighbors home next to mine.

Many neighbors were outside their homes wondering, worrying about what had happened and who it had happened to. We are a close knit neighborhood and care deeply about one another. The title of my blog was inspired by my loving neighbors and is called  "Stoopin It In The Suburbs." My blog was so named because of the conversations about all of life's up's and down's and the connections we make on the stoop.

Later we learned that our teen neighbor was pushing his parents around physically and had been running away often. The parents decided it was time to call the police and take some action. It turned out he will be going to a great crisis center for runaway youth.

I feel raw because I love this boy and see his pain so deeply. It was hard to see him drive away in the police car with his head down. It was a hard day and I feel like a little kid who just wants mommy. I will pray for him and the family as I know there is abundant healing that needs to take place. " Dear God, please wrap your divine love around them all and let them know it is ok to heal and to be open. Let them know that it is your peace that will guide them through.

In Him,



  1. Hi Sis-That was a scary thing to come home to. I am praying for our neighbor's and their son. Loved your pics of the scene.

  2. Hi Laura, I'm back,and I was just checking in to see if you were still stoopin in the burbs. Great to see you are! I haven't been on hubpages in ages. I think they are on the upswing again though, so I may be back there as well. So sad to hear about the young neighbor,and hopefully the center will be a great help. bayoulady,AKA Jackie D. Kimball HUGS!

    1. So excited to see you back. Your family is on my prayer list. I have always loved the look of your blog...

  3. heart wrenching as I have boys and can't imagine having to see them in handcuffs. OF course theyr'e only 7 and 8...