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Sunday, November 13, 2011

Turkey Day- Saturday Smorgasboard

Thanksgiving holiday is slowly creeping up on us. I love sitting around the table with family and hearing all the stories going on.  The good, the bad and the ugly. Tradition has changed a few times in our family since my father died in 1997.  Life is all about change and going with the flow. Now we go to Carol and Jim's house for thanksgiving and it is precious.

Years ago when I was only thirteen years old, a lovely couple came to stay with my family.  They were from our church and heard their was a family of five that needed someone to stay with them while their father was in treatment for chemical dependency. Well that was all she wrote, we have been close ever since.  So to there house we go now for Thanksgiving.  I am so truly grateful for them and how they had the strength to stay with my crazy family of five.

This year we will have a new addition to our family.  My niece Lindsey had a beautiful baby boy. Life goes so fast and I treasure every moment of it.

 I hope you all have a very pleasant and heart felt thanksgiving.


  1. What a lovely couple they sound. I know you'll have a wonderful thanksgiving.

  2. How wonderful that you found some great friends when your family needed them most--and have become "family" in your own sense--and get to spend the holidays with them!! AWESOME :)

    Cheers, Jenn

  3. Sarah
    They really are very special. Happy Thanksgiving to you too

  4. Jenn
    We are family and love it. Us sibs have no family of origin parents, so it feels good to have C and J. They are the best. I still can't believe they stayed with us for 3 months with us five kids.