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Saturday, July 23, 2011

Writers Post- A memory that brings a song in with it

Holding hands in the living room Billy told me he had a surprise for me.  I was so excited yet had no idea what he could have in store for me.  Billy was always so romantic.

 We had dated in high school and had just gotten back together while I was in college. He was my first love.  I had gotten a internship very close to his apartment. He had called me during the summer knowing I was home. 

He wanted to take me on a date to the Walker Art Center in Minneapolis MN. What a great way to start up our relationship again. I had no idea where this would take us, but hey, you only live once.  We had such a lovely time at the Walker art center.  They had paintings up all along the walls  that you had to figure out the psychological significance. Billy knew I would love this as I was a psychology student at UW Stout.  He knew I loved anything psychological. We dissected each and every painting on the wall.  He exposed me to something I had never seen before.  I now had a love for the arts. I mean, I had always been creative and loved writing but this was different. 

Pulling me out on the patio as the sun shone over the Minneapolis skyline, Billy kissed me softly. "I will be right back. Sit here Laura." Feeling excited sensually and intellectually, I just thanked God for this moment in time. Billy came back with a wonderful bottle of blush wine and a plate of the best cheeses, crackers and fruit.  We sat there on that deck for hours. Billy fed me cheese and fruit as we indulged in each others presence.  We laughed, talked and brought each other up to date on our lives since high school. I did not want this day to end. It was perfect. 

There we were at his best friends house one month later.  Billy proclaimed his never ending love for me. He told me he had a surprise. " Laura, I have a song I dedicate to you.  I am so happy we are back together. This is the best way I can tell you how happy your my girlie again. 

He put on the record.  " Laura, I dedicate this Bob Marley song to you. I don't ever want you to forget this moment. I love you and always will.  No matter what ever happens Laura, this is from my heart to yours." 

I sat there in awe, in love and in the presence of something bigger than myself. Bob Marley sang " Waiting in Vain for Your Love".  Billy just stood there while I listened and bopped back and forth to the music that stated  volumes about our reconnected relationship. I cried, laughed and felt so happy, as if everything in the universe was just as it should be. I was humbled at this beautiful gesture.

 Billy was right, I will never forget that moment in time. He is now in heaven after being struck by lightening at the 1991 US Golf Open.  He still comes to me when I need him most. He is my angel. He is my soul mate. 


  1. Oh Laura what a beautiful song to have played for you!! He sounds like he was a great soul mate! I know losing him must have been hard--but at least he's now your angel! Cheers!!

  2. Oh Jenn,
    Your so kind. Yes, it is so beautiful. Every year on his death date he gives me a dream. Usually we are together having some kind of unbelievable adventure.

  3. Oh Laura, I've read so much about Billy now that I feel I can see you both when you tell these stories. I feel privileged to have you share them with us. Hold hard to your angel, cos he is something special *hugs*

  4. Laura, thank you for sharing your beautiful story, I can see you write from the heart.

  5. Julia
    Thanks so much for the nice comment. Please come back soon.

  6. Mojo Writin
    What a nice thing to say. I am so glad you can feel how we were.

  7. What a touching story!! Amazing how songs remind us of the ones we love and cherish most. Lovely blog!!