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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

A Walk in the Park With Family

 I want you to experience family time on this blog article. Please go down to the bottom and play the video from Ziggy Marley called " Family Time".  Read the blog article first and at the end, treat yourself to the happy sounds of Marley.

 I love nature. God has created such a master piece in nature during autumn. It almost looks fake. The paint brush splashes on so much color and atmosphere in the fall. My family and I love the fall weather. 

Here it is, October 12th in Minnesota, and it is 78 degrees. My family took advantage of the weather and took a walk in the park. The colors were so spectacular. We had to stop at the ice cream shop, better known as Ben and Jerry's in Wayzata.  I would love you to view my pictures from today.

We sat on the benches overlooking Wayzata Bay. The water glistened as we took in God's canvas. The reflection of the trees over the lake was moving.

I took pictures of my family and we had fun feeding our dogs ice cream.  This is rare that we feed our dogs people food. 

We left feeling happy and filled up by the autumn beauty.

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