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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Life is Good

I love to write and so here it goes. My first official blog post. I have to define "Stoopin It" in The suburbs first and foremost. I call my blog stoopin it in the suburbs because we have coined this term in my neighborhood. Let me go back a way first. My children and I live in a beautiful home in a small suburb in Minnesota. I have the most loving, caring neighbors on the planet. I left a complicated marriage after thirteen years and have two amazing children that bless me daily. I have a twin sister who was diagnosed with lung cancer and never smoked who lives with us and has for almost six years now. Soon after her diagnosis, my children's dad moved out & we invited her to live with us so we could take care of her. This is where the "stoopin it" phenomenon began....... PAIN DOES BRING FORTH GIFTS OF HEALING

My twin sister who is also my very best friend in the world is quite the extrovert which I guess means that I am too. As she went through cancer treatments which were very radical and intense, she would sit out on our driveway in our culdesac where neighbors would go by, wave, talk and keep apprised of her condition. Linda always had a smile on her face and she never complained, in fact, she loved the comings and goings on in our very busy neighborhood, one with many kids, dogs and stories. She could have sat on one of our two patio decks with the comfort of elegant deck furniture, but no, my twin liked to see all the action in the culdesac and talk to the neighbors since she does have the most lovely, " gift of gab". The conversations started to end up on our stoop under our porch. One neighbor and one chair, then two, then oh boy, we need to make a circle of chairs under the stoop and beyond ... ah, just how we like it. Boy, has this "stoopin it" ever taken off here in our great little culdesac. The neighbors now know the stoop to be a very welcoming place, one that they can come to any time to vent, cry, laugh, share, connect, & it is a place where many memorable stories continue and are savored. All the neighbors which are true friends now, indeed have made a huge impact on our lives and have given us true inspiration, love, support and many wonderful moments to cherish, right here on our stoop. I had better sign out for the day since I do have a day job in the morning and it is late. Life is good.


  1. Hey sis, I love your blog!! I find it very informative, fun and helpful. I also Love the variety of information and stories you blog about. Love you much, twinner

  2. Linda,
    I really like your blog and all the fun family stories. It is so creative.

    Keep on Bloggin twinner.


  3. Laura,

    Thank you for posting my website on your blog. I am getting good traffic from it. I love your blog - keep writing! I will check back often. Kym