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Thursday, February 20, 2014

Snowmageddon Minnesota

Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr & Snow. Yes, welcome to Minnesnowda. This has been a tough winter for many of us here in the Northland and Minnesota is no different. After this winter, I wonder why the bleep I live here. It is February 20th and we are here once again experiencing a winter blizzard advisory. More school closings scrolling on my TV screen. Ugh!! #SnowMore, Snowmageddon, SnowWay!!! They say thundersnow tomorrow. Yes, you heard me correctly. Thunder snow is when it rains snow and you hear thunder and see lightening.

I will be staying home from work tomorrow, because the new home I live at, the driveway is a nightmare. I literally can't get out of my driveway. The snow plow guy I had at my last home plowed one time here at this new house and said, "I can't do your driveway. I got stuck three times just plowing it this time." Yes, so here I am knowing basically that when we get a heavy snow and my high school son is not here to plow it, I am stuck. I am strong, but you would have to see this driveway before you understand how long and elevated the driveway is. I am thankful for a friends son who has been coming over after work to shovel for me. It still means I am stuck all day till the evening.

We are being told we will get between 8-12 inches of snow by morning. I am so grateful I have such a supportive supervisor. I knew how bad it was going to get, so I asked him if I could work from home. He not only said yes, but he said "be safe." I am sitting in my favorite recliner as I write this enjoying a burning fire blazing before me in my basement den. I look out my window and what do I see? I see snow all over looking at me!

I hope as you look at the pictures and video, you will visualize nicer, warm weather on the horizon for Minnesota. My prayer at this time of year is for all those that have no shelter. Please help them Lord.


  1. Had to laugh at Minnesnowda :) Will the snow ever stop this year or are we to have this ongoing snowfall forever? Yesterday it warmed up a bit here and I was actually feeling like .... spring is coming. Then last night I let one of the dogs in and he was covered in sticky wet snow. I ask myself the same question ... Why do I live here? .....

  2. I am so fed up with this winter. You and I are getting picked up via taxi to get out and run our errands. Can't wait for spring.