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Saturday, December 7, 2013

Stoopininthe Suburbs: Zach Sobiech Clouds Song at Mall of America

Tonight as I lie in bed, I feel so very moved, grateful and blessed. Last night my twin sister and I were honored to be a part of something so meaningful. We performed in the largest choir in history at the Mall of America in Minnesota.

Zach Sobiech wrote the song "Clouds" before his death. It went viral fast. Zach brought so many people together last night in his honor. The mall was standing room only and packed the house on all four floors of the Mall of America.

This inspiring young man died at the age of 18 from bone cancer. He is the reason we all sang our hearts out last night at the mall. We sang his song "Clouds".  My sister and I were on the third floor.  Everywhere you turned,  people were sobbing, singing, and feeling a part of something so big. The Holy Spirit was ever present and we could feel Holy Ghost Goosebumps.

My twin sister and I held each other as we sang Zach's song in unison with hundreds of others.  We were there to honor Zach, but also to celebrate others who have lost the battle for cancer and those that are survivors.  My twin sister is a cancer survivor. Here we were helping raise funds for kids cancer. We stood there knowing what a momentous moment in time this was. She could have been gone as the doctors predicted. They gave her a 20-25% of surviving five years. CANCER SUCKS!!

This night will forever stay in my heart and I will remember the powerful, vibrant energy of love that was so thick and palpable. Please watch the video I took from the third floor.

My twin sister and I will never forget this night as long as we live.

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  1. Dear Laura,
    Wow! This was so amazing and beautiful. Lifted my heart and soul and put me in the true spirit of Christmas! Yes, Linda's still being here is a miracle to celebrate & helping raise funds for kids who have cancer is a wonderful way to honor Zach's spirit.
    Many years ago, when I was a teenager, I loved, and lost, a wonderful young man to bone cancer. I dedicated my nursing career to him and he has always remained in my heart.
    Loved this moving tribute.
    Hugs to You & Linda,
    Gail Sobotkin, aka Happyboomernurse