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Monday, April 2, 2012

April Fools

Let me start at the beginning. I awoke to a perfect Minnesota day on April fools day. Skies were blue, lovely light wind and temperatures in the 70's.  After talking to my neighbors and friends outside, I decided to take a sit on my favorite Jamaican chair. It is exquisite to say the least. I found this gem at our local farmers market.

The kids and neighbors dispersed. I put the two dogs on the chain and walked over to my little piece of heaven. I thought the Jamaican chair was quite high, oh well I will jump up on it. I mean, how hard can that be? I looked back and made my plan.  OK, here I go.....

Envision me jumping up and going backwards so my tush could hit the chair. It hit it all right. I got my bum on the chair and thought that wasn't so bad.  In the next moment I realized I was plummeting down to the earth. Yes, you heard me right. I hit the grass and were it not for my fleshy bum, I could have really got hurt. I landed and straight away looked in all directions hoping that No one saw this ugly display of insanity.

I saw a neighbor coming around the corner walking her dog. She could hear me laughing and asked me what was so funny. I told her I had just taken a spill and ripped the Jamaican Chair right off the tree. She protested that she did not see it happen I think just to be nice.

Any WHO, I picked my ego right up off that green grass of mine and walked into the shower because let's just say...I had to.........

Jumping out of the shower, I hear loud commotion and my son screaming " Mom, where are you?" I walked out to the hallway in my towel and he exclaimed that he and the neighbors were all worried because..
They found a pair of cheater glasses belonging to me on the ground next to the Jamaican chair lying next to the tree and the rusty chain lying near it.  The chain was no longer hooked into the tree.  Hmmmm....

I explained to him what had happened.  Later that night........As I sit in my favorite leather chair on Advil with an ice pack to calm my now aching back and thighs...We realize we have not yet punk ed my kids and it is April fools day.  We will take care of that.

Linda and I came up with a plan. As my kids sat around the bonfire, Linda made her way out to the deck. She reported to the entire group of kids and adult neighbor friends of ours that I was in the house crying because the pain was so intense from falling of the chair. She also informed them that she was taking me in to ER.  Lots of oohs and ahhs and worried kids and neighbors....



  1. Too funny!! Except that you could have really been hurt!! At least no one saw it -- right?

    Laura!! BE CAREFUL OUT THERE!! he he he he!!

    Cheers, Jenn

  2. Agree'd very funny. Don't get hurt though!