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Thursday, February 23, 2012

The Burwell House Mystery- Part 6- Writers Post #36

As I approached Ron at the library entrance, I noticed he was biting his finger nails. "Hi Ron, are you OK?" We both looked at each other and had the same reaction. We clung to one another and it felt so good . We had experienced something so sacred in the last 48 hours that our bond elevated to a whole new level. I knew when we met there was an instant spark between us but never imagined it would come to this.
As my head lay in the nape of his neck, I could smell his signature scent. I loved his cologne as it only accented my strong attraction to him. I lavished in Ron's embrace and the feeling of his strong hands tightening around my waist. We had built a special friendship at college and felt pride that we had laid a strong foundation in our relationship. We weren't impulsive, giving way to our physical desires right away as some college students tend to do. All I knew in this moment, was that it felt right. This is the man I could envision as my future husband.
Ron slowly moved his hands down to my derriere, rubbing me gently and lovingly. We moaned in ecstasy as our senses heightened with each others touch. I felt so connected as we melted into one other. Ron held my face in his loving hands and then.....
He swooped me up into his arms and carried me to the enormous dancing willow tree. We giggled like kids as we took cover under the canopy that kept us hidden from campus traffic. He pulled me close to his body, so close I could feel his heart beating against mine. I felt so excited, pulling him ever closer. He took hold of my face and laid his soft lips on mine. He gently maneuvered his tongue into my mouth kissing me so sweetly, I felt like he was the painter and I was his canvas. We groaned in ecstasy as our bodies twisted into each other. We held on with an energy so powerful, I could hardly stand up. My legs were weak and I felt dizzy with passion.
"Ron, I want you." We fell to the ground, madly undressing each other. I laughed as my fingers stumbled to get the last button undone on his dress shirt. He surprised me by ripping it off and leaving the white button on the earths floor as evidence of our passion. His hands and lips explored my entire body, putting me in a state of excitation. We wept in sweet desire as our bodies melded into one.
Reveling in our sweet surrender, we laid together, connected as never before. I felt so at home in his embrace. The warmth of his breath on my face made me feel safe. This was meant to be. I felt like everything in the world at that moment was just as it should be.
What lies behind us, and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us.
~ by Ralph Waldo Emerson ~
© 2011 Laura Rogers


  1. Is it hot in here?

  2. Jo

    Hee Hee. Yes, I believe it is hot hot hot

  3. Anonymous24/2/12 12:17

    Ahhhh....pure romance and passion. That about says it all!

    Very nice, Laura!

  4. Think I'm missing something here...I need to go back and read the Parts 1-5! Thanks Laura!

  5. Quite the sexy scene! Hot hot hot!


  6. Very steamy! I guess the willow tree was quite large with a thick curtain of sweeping branches.