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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Winter in Minnesota: Wordless Wednesday

Yes, it 's true, here in Minnesota, it rains, freezes then snows. My kids got their first ever snow day. We made it fun.  Hot cocoa at Caribou where they were giving away 2 fers, playing outside and the salon for mom and Ellie. What a lovely day in paradise. Ha

Saturday, February 25, 2012

DIY for the home

These days we see so many exciting new books, magazines, apps, pinterest on the "Do It YourSelf."  How fun is it to save money in this economy, but better than that, do it yourself. I have learned so many fun tricks from my co-worker who has a magazine,  facebook and a  group I am on called, Pinching Pennies.                              

Here is a fun idea to do yourself if you like to host/hostess parties at your home. I love to entertain and have two-100 guests attend.   Check out this DIY.

Step 1:  Go out and buy Mason Jars at a garage sale, thrift  or grocery store. (can you tell I could not wait to open this case)?
Step 2: You will need to purchase glow in the dark paint and a paint brush at your local craft store.

Step Three: Paint quarter size dots all over the inside of the jar and let it sit under lights for 1 day or put outside in the sun light.

Step Four: Put it out on your walk, in your back yard, anywhere you'd like decorative light. You can hang them up as a string of lights too. 

Fun, Easy & Do It YourSelf

Gratitude-BFF 170

Gratitude is the BFF Prompt in my writing group today. The definition of gratitude in the wikipeda dictionary is: Thankfulness, being grateful for what you have or have been given.

I know that in my own life that when I feel grateful, I am blessed with more and more. My father John Rogers used to tell my siblings and I that if you have a grateful heart, your life with be abundant in all ways spiritual. I used to shrug that off as a kid, but I now know and feel the wisdom behind this statement. 

I guess most people that know me and my family know that life has not always been a bowl of cherries. Yet I look upon the hardships my family has endured and know without a doubt, that those hardships made me ever more grateful for all that I have. 

Life and our attitude towards it, belongs to each one of us. I believe that no one has a perfect life especially as a psychotherapist by trade. I believe part of life is to endure pain. It is what we do with that pain that molds us and makes us better or bitter. I always know that someone has it far worse than I do. How I react to that pain is what separates the grateful heart from the bitter heart. 

My love for life is big. I know without a doubt that being and holding my gratefulness in my heart has made my life full. I am not rich by our cultures standards, but I am happy and grateful. I have a lovely home in Minnetonka, two amazing children, a twin sister that survived lung cancer and lives with me and raises my children with me, an amazing career working with homeless at risk families  and abundant love in my life. 

Yes, life is good and I am grateful

Friday, February 24, 2012

Janes Tale: GBE2 Writers Post

Jane's tale, even the sound of the name whispers normalcy, but this tale is anything but. Let me take you on a journey of the night of Jane's Tale..........................

Creating, writing, Jane did what she did each Friday night at her humble abode: She wrote stories on her laptop in her luxurious living room. Sitting in her gold queen chair, she clicked the letters on the pad ad nausea as her story spilled out.

Bright lights invaded her low lit living room. Through the white curtains, Jane could see an outline. What was it she asked herself as she shook her head in confusion? A dizzying humming noise infiltrated the room. Her valuables shook in her hutch and the dining room light swung back and forth. At first, it swung fast, then slowed down to an almost snail pace. Then...................................Total silence..................................

Jane awoke to small beings all around the lab table she laid on. Green in color, these beings stared it seemed right through her. The eyes almost covering their entire heads,  looked at her as if they knew her. Strange as it seemed, she felt  she knew them.  Blood ran down her cheeks as they pulled out the acupuncture needles.

On every wall pictured in 3D was the story she had written the night before. She did not remember composing an ending, but there it was........................

Lapping her face, Jane's black lab Lucky was kissing her. Looking out her window she noticed the curtains swung in the breeze. She could see her under garments out on the clothes line. Daybreak was here.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

The Burwell House Mystery- Part 6- Writers Post #36

As I approached Ron at the library entrance, I noticed he was biting his finger nails. "Hi Ron, are you OK?" We both looked at each other and had the same reaction. We clung to one another and it felt so good . We had experienced something so sacred in the last 48 hours that our bond elevated to a whole new level. I knew when we met there was an instant spark between us but never imagined it would come to this.
As my head lay in the nape of his neck, I could smell his signature scent. I loved his cologne as it only accented my strong attraction to him. I lavished in Ron's embrace and the feeling of his strong hands tightening around my waist. We had built a special friendship at college and felt pride that we had laid a strong foundation in our relationship. We weren't impulsive, giving way to our physical desires right away as some college students tend to do. All I knew in this moment, was that it felt right. This is the man I could envision as my future husband.
Ron slowly moved his hands down to my derriere, rubbing me gently and lovingly. We moaned in ecstasy as our senses heightened with each others touch. I felt so connected as we melted into one other. Ron held my face in his loving hands and then.....
He swooped me up into his arms and carried me to the enormous dancing willow tree. We giggled like kids as we took cover under the canopy that kept us hidden from campus traffic. He pulled me close to his body, so close I could feel his heart beating against mine. I felt so excited, pulling him ever closer. He took hold of my face and laid his soft lips on mine. He gently maneuvered his tongue into my mouth kissing me so sweetly, I felt like he was the painter and I was his canvas. We groaned in ecstasy as our bodies twisted into each other. We held on with an energy so powerful, I could hardly stand up. My legs were weak and I felt dizzy with passion.
"Ron, I want you." We fell to the ground, madly undressing each other. I laughed as my fingers stumbled to get the last button undone on his dress shirt. He surprised me by ripping it off and leaving the white button on the earths floor as evidence of our passion. His hands and lips explored my entire body, putting me in a state of excitation. We wept in sweet desire as our bodies melded into one.
Reveling in our sweet surrender, we laid together, connected as never before. I felt so at home in his embrace. The warmth of his breath on my face made me feel safe. This was meant to be. I felt like everything in the world at that moment was just as it should be.
What lies behind us, and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us.
~ by Ralph Waldo Emerson ~
© 2011 Laura Rogers

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Wordless Wednesday- Valentines Day


Sitting in the office cafeteria, Sophie and Gerald welcomed the new hire. "Hey Ross, make sure to never ever eat the cafeteria casseroles, lest you want to go home sick." Trailing down the office corridors Julie could hear the laughing. Hungry and tired she went to the lunchroom to grab a quick bite to eat before facilitating an important meeting. This meeting could change her life and career.

Stopping at the table of laughter, Julie reminded the marketing team they had five minutes before the Japanese  organization  from Light House would be there to listen to the  creative marketing strategy. "I want to see each of you in the conference room sitting at the front table with your curriculum."

Leering at her with a crooked smile he followed her into the corridor. Turning the corner into the main hallway, Julie felt a hand pull her close. Dark and quiet, she was now in some empty room. She knew since it echoed. "Whats going on? Who are you and why are you covering my face?"  Throwing her down hard on the office chair she squealed not knowing what would happen next.

A mask slipped over her face and  microphone hung down over the desk and bumped into her forehead. She could smell cologne wafting in the air. "Please, tell me what it is you are feeling right now? What are your options, what thoughts are racing through your mind?  Is your life flashing before you? Are the physical sensations of fear waking your inner spirit and giving you a clarity you have never known before? Is this exciting you sensually, physically, psychologically, and spiritually? What can you teach after such an event? Do you feel the power?"

Knowing she was to speak next,  is when it happened. The lights went on AND.........Papers shuffled at the front of the room.........

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

I won a 7x7 Blogger Award

I am so very honored to have been awarded this 7x7 award by one of my favorite bloggers Jo. She has an amazing blog called my wandering mind.  You must check her blog out by just clicking on my title. Well, here it is time to say seven things about me. 
  • I have a lot of energy
  • I feel abundantly blessed
  • I am a proud mother
  • I am a identical twin
  • I live in a four level split home. 
  • I love to "Stoop It"
  • I love my two doggies
Now, drumroll please...............
Here are my next seven award winners: 

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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentines Day To My Online Friends

To all my great online friends, on Valentines Day. You have all brought me so much joy, peace, learning and love. I know we don't see each other face to face, but your hearts are open wide and I have prospered because of you.  I never would have thought online buddies could be so very important in my life. Well, you are and I value your friendship more than you know.

Writing is like breathing to me, and you all get this since you feel the same. Writing online has been such a joy. In the past I used to journal the then stopped. This new day and age of technology has been a life saver for me. I have learned so much from all of you. I care about you all and keep you in my thoughts and prayers daily.

Thanks and much love from little ol' Laura in Minnesota.  Your my bright lovely flowers walking me on my path to a full life.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Full Moon Over Minnesota

Friday, February 3, 2012

Vietnam Vet Handyman

Google Image
Last night my sister and I went out for dinner at a local Mexican restaurant. My red sauced enchilada was to die for and we ran into a old friend. Back in 2002 is when I separated from my now Ex Husband. At that time I was so new to being a single mom, I needed a handyman. My house was in ill shape and I worked full time. My twin sister had been diagnosed with lung cancer and we moved her in. I was not in a place mentally or psychologically, to work on my home, I needed help.

Our handyman was referred to me by a good friend. My friend was clear and told me that he was a Vietnam vet.   I wanted to hire him even more after hearing that. Our  neighbor was a vet who helped me understand how tough life was after coming home.

At first it was great. Tommy became part of our family. I could always trust he would do the job well. Some of the projects he did and not limited to:  update my deck, build a swing set for my young children, tilled a garden, plumbing work and electrician duties.

We invited Tommy over for dinner about twice per month. It was a nice partnership until......
One day I saw his post traumatic stress disorder come to show it's ugly face. Post Traumatic Stress Disorder is categorized as a anxiety disorder.  The disorder can show itself after a traumatic event such as war, 911, or any event that the person has been severely traumatized. Signs of this disorder can be nightmares, reliving the horror, being hypervigilent, lack of concentration, anger outbursts and more.

Our handyman blew up one day for no apparent reason. I thank God my children were not at home when the incident occurred. He was setting up a new music system in my living room. I was in the kitchen doing the dishes when.........He started yelling, cursing, throwing his hands about. He seemed to be gone, lights are on but nobody home. It scared me so much that I had to let him go. I had to keep my family out of harms way.

I later gave him referrals of agencies that could deal with the issues vets face. I felt really crappy. I felt like I had abandoned him. I could see how the hard work helped him, but I also knew I could not keep him on with a temper that could erupt at any given time.

I also felt bad as my training is psychotherapy. I mean, if anyone should get it, it should be me. As time went on I knew I did the right thing, but there was still something lingering and on my heart.

Last night as I peered into the bar from the restaurant seat I was in, I saw him. I will be honest and tell you that I wasn't sure if I should go over and talk to him or just let it be. My heart told me I had to go talk to him. He looked healthy, vibrant and happy. He shared with us how he had learned so many gems that helped him in his life as a vet from the Veterans Administration. Excitedly he told us that he could take the bus for free now as on his vet card it stated "service connect". He thought he'd died and gone to heaven. He told us he was in therapy and on disability for his post traumatic stress disorder, was involved in individual and group therapy and so much more.

My sister and I were so glad we went over and spoke to him. We hugged good bye and it was then I knew what I had to do. Actually I need feedback from all of you. I want to be able to have my blog which is at a page two rank, not bad huh, do something for Vietnam vets. I don't know if it is a link that can help vets figure out all the great programs that are out there or what it is... Please help me figure out how my blog and perhaps yours can help these wonderful men and women who have fought for our freedom.

Coming home and mainstreaming back into society should not be so hard for vets. How can we bloggers help in this great cause?  Thanks in advance for putting this on your heart.


Laura Rogers

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Wordless Wednesday-

Love in all Ways......

A Blog Award and I Was Chosen- Yippee

I am so very honored. I was chosen for this lovely award by one of my favorite bloggers mojowritin. You can go to her blog by just clicking on my title. I am to put down seven things about myself that characterize who I am, then in turn, select seven more amazing bloggers. That will not be tough since I write with so many talented bloggers each and every day.

1. I love Angels
2. I See Angels
3. I facilitate Healings
4. I met President Carter and The First lady                                        
5. I worked at Gedney Pickle Factory Two Summers and I liked it.
6. I grew up on Lake Minnetonka
7. I have para-sailed in Mexico and Felt Like I Was In Heaven
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The Blues

I Spoke to the group
Violence is never OK

She sat silent and still
Tears rolled down
Eyes Red
Sunken in

Kleenex in hand she wiped
Walked out of the room
Head Hanging

At break she spoke
One on One
To me
I Killed Him
I had to
Knife to my throat

Truth is.......
I still love him

We held
Connected Soul Deep

You will live again

Forgive but........
Never Forget..... you can't

Misty eyed, I walked Out
Only to return next week
To Teach,Train More on....
The Cycle......
That breaks spirits

I will never be the same
I am humbled