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Monday, November 28, 2011

What I Want For Christmas- BFF Prompt

My lofty ideals of the past and what I want for Christmas now has definitely changed over time. As a single mom of two teens, I have to keep it real.  I have always been an idealist, but a positive stark reality has taken over. That is not all bad either. I think the lessons learned in life and on my journey as a single mom have taught me my priorities in life. I have much more common sense than I did as a young mom and I feel proud of that.

We are living in a tough economy. Just one year ago I escaped a foreclosure on my home. This is the home that I was able to keep after a bitter, ugly divorce. This is the home my children have lived in for most of their lives.  I am so very grateful that US Bank worked with me to lower my home mortgage. I am sure that they felt safe since I have been employed with the same non profit for many years. I had like so many others, lost one of two great jobs. 

My Christmas wish is that I can buy at least one gift for each of my children. One gift that they really want. My kids are teens, so they only want those "pricey gifts" that we single moms wince at.  In their defense, I have them begging me to go to consignment shops now.  Ahhhhhh. 

I want to be able to pay all my bills all the way through the holiday season instead of the dreaded staggering pattern.  I know I am not the only mom that does this to stay afloat. Going paycheck to paycheck is a pretty common scenario in this economy of ours.

I work as a director at a non profit organization. I love getting up each and every day knowing that the work we do with families actually Saves families. I have such a caring and passionate staff and the volunteers are absolutely amazing. We help at risk families and children who are homeless, have a new start in life. Unfortunately, we are being furloughed during the holidays, so this rearranging of the little I do make, is being compromised once again.  I am grateful I have a job and know that others have issues far worse. I thank God for all I have.

I wish for Christmas that my children know how very much I love them and that money does not make life necessarily easy. In fact, at times when I have less than ten dollars left at the end of the month, we have spent more quality time  and laughed and smiled more than we did when we "Had" what we wanted.

My wish for Christmas is that each and every one of us can be conscious of those around us. During the holiday season, so many families struggle. Please look around you and do what you can to help. It may be just smiling at a mom in the grocery store when she is feeling overwhelmed as she shops.  Maybe you hear of someone close to you that can't afford Christmas dinner. I took over a complete thanksgiving dinner to a family in need.  Where is the need in your community?  Please, let's all pay it forward and remember when someone helped us at some point in our life.

You just never know how loved you can make someone feel at this holiday season.



  1. Very nicely done Ms. Laura. Regardless of our circumstances, we can always give something. I like to remind people their mail carriers, trash collectors, paper carrier, etc. really appreciate a small token of your gratitude for good service all year. Just another little pay forward idea.

  2. Jo
    Thanks for the nice I agree with you, we can always give and it feels so good. I love the idea of gift giving to the mail carriers etc......

  3. So nice to meet you! 8~} This is such a great blog. My husband and I have no income this year, so we're kind of bowing out on the retail portion of the holiday, focussing on the better parts. Family, food , music... stuff like that! HUGZ!

  4. You are such a caring person Laura! We need so many more of you in this world! Such a positive person! LOVE IT!!! God bless you and your family, Lori Falness

  5. You have a beautiful heart, Laura. This is a thoughtful blog!

  6. This was a beautiful story, Laura. Thanks for sharing it! I am so glad that you were able to keep your home and I can appreciate the quality time spent with kids without spending a lot of money. I have teens too. Everything they want is so expensive. I'm looking into a refurbished PS3 for my son. I've decided this year to buy less, but more of what they really want. Best wishes to you this holiday season! THanks for making this world a better place in your non-profit organization!

  7. Lori
    Thanks for the sweet post. God bless you and your family in this season too.

  8. Cindy
    So glad you stopped by. I agree that even though your not doing the retail part of the holiday, you have what matters, family and love

  9. This is a very inspiring post sister. We as a society have gotten so FAR away from the 'true' meaning of Christmas and holiday season. You bring us back to the fact that money has nothing to do with the season and that Family and Friends and giving love is...Beautiful!

  10. It amazes me how the less one has the more a person values it. Wonderful post Laura!


  11. Kathy,
    I agree that the less we have the more we value it.
    Your so great.

  12. Darlene,
    Thanks for stopping by. Your too sweet.