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Sunday, April 4, 2010

Casco Point Road

My son was on spring break and had a play day with a friend. I could not believe when he told me his friends' address.  He lived in the same neighborhood I grew up in.  Old Casco Point Road. Wow, what memories I have of that neighborhood.

  I did not have the perfect childhood, but I must say, the good, really did out weigh the negative from my perspective. The neighbors really made my childhood experience rich.  It was like going back in time as we passed all the houses, some the same and some different.  Yes, a blast from the past.  Each and every road had more and more memories. It felt surreal to share some of the Casco Point Road stories to my son who is thirteen years old.  I am definately more cautious and would not tell him all the goings on in the neighborhood, but those memories too have some bearing as to who I am now and how I have led my life.   It felt good seeing my son interested in my childhood and how we spent our days as kids.

 My soul has always beckoned me to go  back there to live.  I may actually have that opportunity to look at a new residence since I am in negotiation right now on my Minnetonka home.  Perhaps Cacso Point would welcome me back.  I don't know.  My twin sister said it would feel to her as if we went backwards.  I found that odd since it is such a beautiful place.  Perhaps it is how we have each dealt with and reckoned with the past we had there at Casco Point.  All I know is that I could see my self there again. 

I had to take pictures of course.  I hope you enjoy seeing my childhood home.  It is on Lake Minnetonka.  We had all the luxurys any kid would ever dream of : boats, the tennis court, phone down at the lake on the post, dairy queen right up the street, trampolines to jump on at the Schervens and Boylans.   Always buddies to play with.  Whether  I go back there or not to live, I will always treasure the memories that this magical neighborhood has given me.  Heres to all my casco point buddies.  You all have a special place in my heart. To those friends on Casco that we have lost, god bless you all, your all in our hearts.  God Bless You.

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