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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Life in the burbs'

What a nice day although quite long, but that is what I get for staying up too late and blogging. Well after work today, my sister Linda and I went to a MCYO basketball playoff game that my daughter played in. I am still red in the face from all the excitement. It was such a nail biter, one that left us parents saying "we should have had a blood pressure cuff at this one". Community sports, what a great way to connect with others. Great entertainment, super skilled young athletes, mine is a sixth grader, and nice warm conversation. Ok, so it gets quite loud at these play off games. Honestly, my son who is an eighth grader really would rather not sit near me. I admit my passion for the game, excitement in watching my daughter and strong voice combined, is at the least, annoying. I really cannot blame him as I at his age, thought parents that screamed at sports games for their kids must have an absolutely dreadfulfully boring life. On a domestic diva note, it is the second time in two months that I have had to purchase another major appliance. Great that we have a new refrigerator that we did buy at a great price, but wow, two appliances in two months? I did put a blurb in my blog yesterday talking of rebates for efficient appliances. Check it out.

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