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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Alchemy- Dverse Poets

Mission moving forward
Powered pure intention
Prayer, long, hard, arduous

Fear not, But deliver us from evil
Let only pure love lie within
            Gleaming throughout humanity

Tortured souls vacuum up low consciousness
Spitting stank, vermin
Loud wales





Upward raised
Quantum leap
Energy transformed
Alchemy's playground
Dearth to gold
Amalgamated to Higher God Consciousness
Pure, Collective Unity, Light

Laura Rogers Arne

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Road To Peace

I am grateful for freedom
God has healed us in love

My life was so sad
Stagnant, oppressive, black, devoid of light

God's pure divine love shown a path of supernatural might
Life is a gift, I see it clear now

No longer crouching under the table
I stand powerful, strong and tall

The mice in my dreams are gone; they scattered away
I stand up proud on top of the table
To hurt me with violence; you are not able

I give you no power, only bask in the light
The violent words, actions, and deeds
No longer a fright

The voice within me~was so small, scared and stuck
Stepped out of oppression and out of the muck.

I glide ever freely to that which is right
I live in the power of God in pure light

I give you no power, no attention, no rhyme
I say NO to violence of any kind

I say yes to peace, sweet peace in my life
Never going to make that mistake twice

Only cowards use coercion, blame, control and  power
Just a bug on the wall, a shadow shell of a man

Who chose not his family, but his hard, hellish hand

Written for dVerse Poets Pub
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