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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Paul Douglas Keeps Our Seniors Safe

Today, I had the privilege to meet Paul Douglas at his impressive weather studio based in the Twin Cities. Paul is a valued vendor at Ebenezer Minneapolis Campus. Easy to talk to, down to earth and knowledgeable about everything weather, he was an enchanting tour guide for me as I took in all the sights and sounds of digital weather. 

He graciously accepted the invitation as guest speaker for the Annual Volunteer Recognition Luncheon I am hosting in April. My role as Director of Volunteers gives me the honor of organizing the event that recognizes these valued volunteers. The Volunteer event is just one small way of doing this. This year the theme for the luncheon is "Volunteers Plant Seeds of Kindness."

The mission of Ebenezer is to help older adults and others, make their lives more independent, healthful, meaningful and secure. Volunteers are the cornerstone of Ebenezers' mission. We know that without these compassionate, dedicated individuals, Ebenezer could not do the quality work we pride ourselves in. Last year our volunteers brought in over 29,000 hours of volunteer service.

Paul, a senior meteorologist and founder of Media Logic Group, stated that he has been interested and passionate about weather and weather patterns, since he was fourteen years old. He and a team of meteorologists provide 24/7 weather service at his new National Weather Channel. This important venue, provides weather services for media at Broadcast Weather and high tech alerting and briefing services through Alerts Broadcaster. Paul Travels around the Midwest speaking about the weather and his innovative ways of understanding weather patterns in these current times. Paul's  weather prowess is here to serve all businesses, no matter what business it is you're involved in. For Ebenezer, his important work in weather is a natural, practical and safe choice for our senior housing.

Among his many accolades, too many to name here, he is also the public face of the important SAVE, suicide Awareness, Voices of Education, based in Bloomington. Thank you Paul for the great work your doing personally, locally, nationally, and for helping our senior community at Ebenezer.

I eagerly look forward to April 25th in our united effort to recognize our amazing resident and community volunteers.

Laura Rogers Arne, M.A.
Director of Volunteers
Ebenezer Minneapolis Campus


  1. Anonymous11/4/13 13:21

    Laura - super cool! I love Paul - one of my favs! You are looking great! Kym

  2. Hi Kym,
    Thanks. It was so much fun seeing his new weather station. Golly I love my job. I know you love yours too. Aren't we blessed we are gone from P.?