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Thursday, November 29, 2012

GBE2- Single Syllable # 80

Life long pain in rump
No way to flee this
Turn cheek way back
Self care a must do
Fear Not
For you are strong in him

Just me---Hee Hee

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Spooky goes for a joy ride?

Standing at my kitchen window, I felt relieved. Dishes done, check, counter tops disinfected, check, now I could keep up the pace and continue in my job search. I heard the phone ring in the living room and dashed to answer it. On the other end of the line I heard my sister. Linda's voice trembled as she told me about our three year old puppies' first ride in the convertible. The story went something like this: beautiful sunny day, who could complain? Top down with the wind in their hair. Ellie and Aunt Linda were enjoying the ride on this perfect day. Tunes blaring and puppy in arms, Ellie's large grin painted over her face told aunt Linda she was a happy camper. "This is the best day ever aunt, great car ride with my pup, auntie and the sun shining in on us. Ahhh what a day." Winding around the curve on highway 12, Auntie Linda observes what looks innocent at first glance, but could this prove deadly? A resident of Orono was out walking his dogs on a lovely day in November. I get it, who wouldn't want to be out on this mild November day in 2012? Ellie held her puppy tight knowing any any moment she could jump out. She was a puppy after all and like most puppies, energy, enthusiasm and impulsiveness was part of her DNA. She let her dog put her puppy paws on the convertible top and look out. " I am a queen, a queen doggie who has the world by the doggie bone." Spooky was actually smiling and both Aunt Linda and Ellie nodded in sync. "When the dogs happy, everybody's happy." Aunt Linda warned Ellie sternly that she had better hold her a bit tighter since up ahead she could see the owner and his dogs out for a walk. "oh no Auntie, Spooky is gone, she jumped out." "What? Oh no." Auntie honked her horn so drivers would not run over Spooky. " This is our dog, this is our dog she screamed and she pointed in the direction of the puppy laying out on the road. Please someone help her get into the car." Poor Ellie had to watch in horror as her puppy rolled many times down the highway. She was horrified to see her puppy so vulnerable. All Ellie could think of was how ugly this scenario could turn out. A wonderful hero pulled over and scooped up Spooky in his arms. Bleeding in this good samaritans' car, she looked at her hero with eyes drooping and blood trickling. The man waved my sister over to claim the doggie back. Jumping into Ellies' arms, her puppy kissed her all over her face. "Spooky must know how sad and devastated I am." Her kisses were pronouncing that all would be fine. This reunion of sorts was strangely making water drip down Aunties cheeks. Walking back down the white board room corridor, Ellie listened intently to the professionals advice. "Ellie, Spooky is no worse for the wear after her adventurous day. Spooky took quite a scare, but she is a very brave little girl. Just watch her tonight if any symptoms should arise. Just call if anything concerns you ok?" The vet finished the paperwork and sent them on their way. Ellie held her baby puppy close to her smiling as big as her sense of gratitude. "Spooky, I am so sorry I took you in the car for a ride. I would not know what to do without you in my life. I am so thankful God spared your life. Let's go home baby."