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Monday, June 11, 2012

Summer-Writers Post Blog Hop #51

Summer is my favorite time of year. My writing group asked us to write anything that comes to mind on the theme- summer. I wait all year long for this season in MN. I am not a fan of MN winter. There is so much to do in the summer in MN.

Just yesterday I was out on our beautiful Lake Minnetonka boating and jet skiing. I was in heaven. I grew up on the Lake.  I am most at peace on the lake. Some of my favorite things to do in the summer are to frequent music festivals, relax on my hammock, watch the birds that come to my feeders. Just two days ago, my bestie and I were sitting on the stoop talking and a humming bird came to drink from one of my vine flowers.

I adore sitting in my living room in the evening listening to the frogs sing in our pond behind our home. Nature gives me such calm. I walk each day and observe as much as I can in nature as I do so. I take many photos on my walks and on my Sunday Drives.

I grew up living on a choice piece of property on Lake Minnetonka. We lived in Spring Park Bay and were accustomed to waking up each morning to a luxurious dip in the lake. Our summers were packed with swimming, boating, tennis at our court, and walking or running around the point. We lived on Casco Point which was a circle around the lake. It was such a nice way to grow up. I look back now and know I took it for granted.

Married for thirteen years, my ex and I had a lovely cabin up North in Stone Lake Wisconsin. Again our lake front property was such a blessing. We boated, jet ski'ed, played water volley ball and had many guests up to visit. We sold the property after the divorce which was the right thing to do, but I do miss it. I wanted to keep my kids tradition and friendships we made there strong. Each year I take my kids back up to where our cabin was located and we stay in a beautiful resort that our friends we met up there years ago, own.

Summer is definitely packed full of experiences here in Minnesota. I like the change of seasons, but I am so partial to summer. Here is to a lovely summer for all.


  1. Sounds like it is so much fun summer at your place. I was a June bride and each year we are traveling all of the place in Summer ... Definitely my favorite season of the year.

  2. Beautifully written, Laura. I am so glad I came to sit on your stoop tonight. It's a bit cool for sitting out this evening, but I will grab a jacket and do it anyway. I don't miss a summer evening. It is such a short season and I take advantage of every minute of it. Michigan weather is very similar to yours and I share your love of the beauty and content of summer days and nights. ♥