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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Sunday, May 20, 2012

The City That Never Sleeps-GBE2 Prompt

I didn't have to look up the reason  for the term "The City That Never Sleeps" to know it's meaning. After being in New York City for my first time last week, I know that the Big Apple has a multitude of events and historic places on the map that keep you running. Busy, fast paced, exciting and tiring, in a good way. In one of my writing groups they have asked us to write a line from a book and take the blog post from there.  My line is "The City That Doesn't Sleep" and it is written by Robinson showing updated design and architecure in  New York City line by line.

Three weeks ago my identical twin sister reviewed  our Cities 97 Listening Club e-news and spotted a contest that would be worth winning. Win a trip to see John Mayer and CD release party in NYC. Fly away and go to the most legendary radio studio to witness John's newest album first in release here. The album is "Born & Raised" and the song Shadow Days will be featured.  Listen to John Mayer at the Studio named Electric Lady where Jimmy Hendrix started. Rock n Roll Legends such as Led Zeppelin, John Lennon, Kiss, AC/DC, Blondie, The Clash, Peter Frampton, Hall & Oates, The Rolling Stones, Madonna, Lou Reed, Dave Matthews Band to name a few.  Electric Lady sits at 52 West 8th Street in New York City's Greenwich Village home of Van Gogh.

We felt that if we did win this trip which would be as unlikely as winning the lottery, we would fly for team John Mayer since flying is not one of  our favorite things. We will "take it for the team" we both said in jest  as we talked ad nausea about this contest. Being from an airline family one would surmise that our entire family would enjoy flying. No, but we are now back on that  horse.............

OK. So let me take you through the too many synchronistic or Godcidences that got us here at this point. Linda, my twin sister counter part registers us on the Cities 97 Listening Club Member Contest to win John Mayer fly away to NYC.  They are to call the winners the next morning over the radio at 8:10 A.M. and give each winner ten minutes to call or else you lose it. The first name is called and does not call back Oake & Keri on Cities 97 so they move on to the next name. Guess who's name they called? They called mine, Laura Rogers. Now, one only has ten minutes to call in to the station. I am normally at work by now after taking my children to school. On this morning, I go back home to get dressed for work and then sit comfortably on my favorite leather chair to chill before a good days' work.

My phone rings and it's about 8:20 or so in the morning. It is my ex husband telling me I won something on the radio and I have to call in now. He even memorized the number and gave it to me.  Miracles do happen because this is just sheer craziness. I get the number from him as I fumble with my pencil and pen to make the number happen on my paper. I thank him and tell him I will call him later to let him know what it was I won. I mean, how many people really win paid trips to NYC to meet John Mayer?

I call the number I have been given and I say "Hi this is Laura," and before anything more comes out my mouth they are verifying all my info to make sure it is really me. Erin the promo guy at Cities 97 says "Congratulation Laura, you won the John Mayer Fly Away Trip to NYC."  Lets just say, I screamed so loud in excitement that I most likely hurt this poor souls' ear drum. He told me that the station would be calling me in just minutes to put me on the air to talk of my win.

I know time is of the essence and I want to run into my twin sisters bedroom to wake her. She does not do mornings very well. She actually forgot to tell me that it was this very morning that they would choose the winner at 8:10 in the morning. Oh well, I must run get her so she can hear me talk on the radio and feel the electricity of my win. I high tale it to her room and scream for her to get out of bed " I won Linda, I won." She looked at me in disbelief, but must have remembered the contest she registered us both for because she bolted out of bed. We both ran screaming to the kitchen saying something along these lines..... Oh my God we are going to New york City to see John Mayer at a private cd release party NO Way.  Way.....

Linda turns on the radio and we both look ridiculous as we wait anxiously for Brian Oake and Keri Noble to call from the Cities 97 morning show. " Ding a ling a ling, Ahhhhhhhhhhh, I scream it's Oake, " Hello," Hi Laura this is Brian Oake from the Oake and Keri show in the morning. I hear your our big winner to see John Mayer in NYC at his private cd release party.  What do you think of this Laura?" Brian I can't breathe I am so excited. My sister is screaming in joy in the back ground and Oake asks me who I am going to take with me on the trip since it is a trip for two, flights and hotel paid for....." Are you kidding me, I am taking my identical twin sister." She is screaming louder now in the back ground. Oake and Keri laugh knowing that the win goes to two people in the city who are out of their minds excited. Basically they wish us well and tell us to take pictures with John and make sure to send links. I tell him that will not be a problem as I am a blogger and can't wait to blog this entire event.

I want to thank the Cities 97 Sony/Columbia records and the Hudson Hotel for an amazing surreal trip that me and sis will never forget. I know this city of NYC does not sleep. As my sister and I were concluding our wonderful night after seeing John Mayer at the cd release party in Greenwich Village we stopped at a local jazz bar called the Garage. We could not believe that people are out walking their dogs, buzzing around the town as if it were a week end. This happened on a Wednesday night.

It was great to get my sis and I out of dodge and out of our comfort zone because this trip will be forever in our hearts. John Mayers new album is soul deep. Great job John on a record that shows the peace your feeling in your life.

The icing on the cake for me is that my sister is eight years cancer free last St. Patricks day from lung cancer this year having never smoked. She was able to remember how precious life is and that it is ok to have fun.   Life has been pretty serious with this Darn Lung Cancer, but each and every day is a gift. Thanks for letting my twin sister remember that life is for living and that she is a walking miracle. You all let her smell the roses in NYC and let her let go and have fun.  What a gift. We love Cities 97, Sony, Columbia Records and Seg Travel.

Please enjoy the pictures and I will have more experiences coming in an upcoming blog.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Flying Away To New York To Experience John Mayer

Pinch me. Yes, I still can't believe I won the John Mayer Fly Away Contest from the Cities 97 radio station. Many of my friends were in disbelief when they heard my voice on the radio. Brian Oake radio personality in the Twin Cities asked me live on the radio who I would bring with me to New York.  Those of you who know me knew what my answer would be. I screamed in delight " Brian, I am bringing my identical twin sister of course." My answer got Brian Oake and Keri Noble laughing. I mean really?  Two twins from the Twin Cities winning a trip to New York from the Cities 97.  Tongue in cheek intended here.

I am thrilled to say the least and have been getting tips from many who have been in New York. If you have any fun ideas that are low in cost, please let me know. This was one of the wishes on my bucket list for many reasons.

  1. My late father John Anthony Rogers lived in New York as a young business man. He always wanted to take my twin sister Linda and I there but his health was failing and we never were able to do it.
  2. My twin sister Linda and I were invited to sing at Carnegie hall with our college choir but could not afford the trip. 
  3. I have always wanted to see the tourist attractions. Wee Hee------
We will only have a day to be there before going to the concert to hear John Mayer live as he sings " Born and Raised:." We will be at the legendary production studio called  "The Electric Lady" Studio the evening we fly out, so I need your ideas since we won't have much time there. 

I feel like a little girl again I am so thrilled to see John Mayer and New York City. What a gift I have been given and I know without a doubt it was meant to be. I just coordinated a memorial benefit/auction for a dear friend this past week that lived the last 12 years in New York.. I know Steve that you helped me win this trip and I thank you. Because I was so busy with his auction and coordinating volunteers, this is my first time writing about this wonderful win. I know Steve will be our angel out there in New York City. 

God is good.

Have a lovely night. I know I will.

Love and Light