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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Politics Shmoliticks

I am exasperated about our current political arena. Do not our politicians know that to watch them act like little children is not at all impressive.  I do not like to talk often of politics but I am so tired of listening to everyone blame our now president. I am also tired of watching our local news and observing the ever so child like behavior of one politician to another.  I do not intend to sway anyone about their political stance, but I am here just to vent my opinion.

Why is it that this president who has done more than any president is getting so bogged down by the "blame game".  I ask my friends and peers this question?

How can you complain of the president of doing nothing and making things worse when:

You recieved an  appliance at a great cost reduction because of his energy plan
You kept your home out of foreclosure due to the Hamp program by the president
You bought a car that you would not have otherwise been able to afford because of the rebate program from our president.......

I am challenging all of us to just stop running on automatic and think about the words we are using. Please see that in all the years of whining about politics, it has never helped.  Lets make a paradime shift and teach our children that we can act like adults. Let us show we do not need to see negative ads, but want more education and heart. Let us be critical thinkers in this world.  Let us blend our head and heart together and make a better tommorrow.

It is written " watch what you speaketh"

Emphatically tired of all the backlash


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