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Monday, March 25, 2013

Presidential Address

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Laughing, witty, kind was he
Sit down dinner, stern security

Political gathering, posh country club
Lafayette Bay, the rich mans'  hub

flashing bulbs, rushing anchors

Enter stage left,  lady waiter                 

How do you do Mr. President?
Hand extended for a kiss
Naught one eye stare would be missed

Questions darting to and fro
Staff & media glued, in toe

Stretching ears far and wide
Pining for a story, to be inside

 I  bid you and your fine lady adieu
It's been my honor to speak and get to know you

Black ruffled apron, white pressed blouse
Steps back into reality's house

"Runner needed, Laura please?"
Need more meat, some mousse and cheese!


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    1. Thanks Jenn. Hope you doing well. You sure look great!!!

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