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Saturday, March 2, 2013

Jamey is a miracle

Today my sister Linda, my daughter Ellie and I,went to visit Jamey after her serious car accident. It happened back in January of 2013. Jamey sustained very serious internal injuries and was taken to the hospital.

She had several surgeries during her hospital stay and is a miracle and inspiration to us all. Jamey is currently recuperating at home in Minnesota with her family. She is astounding us all. She has so many friends and family praying for her perfect health and healing. Team Jamey turned into Jamey Nation because of the incredible outpouring of love from so many.

Seeing her today and witnessing how far she has come since that tragic accident in January is life changing. Her motivation, determination and strong spirit prevailed and brought her back to us sooner than anyone could have imagined.

Jamey, We love you so much and are so proud of your speedy recovery.  It was a love fest of stories shared today as we visited you and saw what you are made of. You go "Redneck Girl". You are so loved.


God Bless
Rogers/Arne Clan


  1. So glad to see you posted our beautiful visit with Jamey today. She is one of the strongest people I've ever had the honor to know. Her spirit and determination could not be pushed down by this accident. She has given so much love to others and is now seeing it come back to her. Karma is a great thing when your a great woman like Jamey. Jamey Nation is a phenomenon that formed because of the extraordinary person Jamey is. I love you Jamey! What a love fest it was today during our visit with you, Cassidy, Ellie, Devon, Grandma Deb and her sister Diane. You made my day by seeing how well your doing. I just love your strong spirit sweet girl. Big Hugs!

  2. She sounds like an amazing woman. I hope whoever hit her wasn't texting.

  3. Anonymous3/3/13 11:06

    So glad that you sister is doing well.

  4. I hope she continues to get better and better. God bless.