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Thursday, February 16, 2012


Sitting in the office cafeteria, Sophie and Gerald welcomed the new hire. "Hey Ross, make sure to never ever eat the cafeteria casseroles, lest you want to go home sick." Trailing down the office corridors Julie could hear the laughing. Hungry and tired she went to the lunchroom to grab a quick bite to eat before facilitating an important meeting. This meeting could change her life and career.

Stopping at the table of laughter, Julie reminded the marketing team they had five minutes before the Japanese  organization  from Light House would be there to listen to the  creative marketing strategy. "I want to see each of you in the conference room sitting at the front table with your curriculum."

Leering at her with a crooked smile he followed her into the corridor. Turning the corner into the main hallway, Julie felt a hand pull her close. Dark and quiet, she was now in some empty room. She knew since it echoed. "Whats going on? Who are you and why are you covering my face?"  Throwing her down hard on the office chair she squealed not knowing what would happen next.

A mask slipped over her face and  microphone hung down over the desk and bumped into her forehead. She could smell cologne wafting in the air. "Please, tell me what it is you are feeling right now? What are your options, what thoughts are racing through your mind?  Is your life flashing before you? Are the physical sensations of fear waking your inner spirit and giving you a clarity you have never known before? Is this exciting you sensually, physically, psychologically, and spiritually? What can you teach after such an event? Do you feel the power?"

Knowing she was to speak next,  is when it happened. The lights went on AND.........Papers shuffled at the front of the room.........


  1. Interesting mismatch of thoughts.

  2. ans then? and then?

    1. Jo
      AND Then.......

      Believe me, it was tough to do that, but do that I must. Hee Hee

  3. Fireman
    Yes, many mismatching thoughts...

  4. More, more! You got me hanging, wondering . . . :)

  5. That is probably an interesting learning experience, however, I would not want to be the subject...

  6. I am still waiting for what happened next!! What an incredible cliff hanger!


  7. Sounds kind of kinky. Did I read this interview right? :)


  8. LMAO at Joyce's comment :D LOL. Great Cliff Hanger--and you ARE going to follow this up with what happens--right?? I mean because you really wouldn't WANT to keep your friends hanging on like that--right????

    LOLOL!! Cheers, Jenn.