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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

I won a 7x7 Blogger Award

I am so very honored to have been awarded this 7x7 award by one of my favorite bloggers Jo. She has an amazing blog called my wandering mind.  You must check her blog out by just clicking on my title. Well, here it is time to say seven things about me. 
  • I have a lot of energy
  • I feel abundantly blessed
  • I am a proud mother
  • I am a identical twin
  • I live in a four level split home. 
  • I love to "Stoop It"
  • I love my two doggies
Now, drumroll please...............
Here are my next seven award winners: 

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  1. Laura-I am honored that you would choose me for this award. I appreciate it very much and will get my list together.

  2. Thanks so much Laura--I think I will get to my award on Friday and I will be SURE to link you back. I'm so appreciate the award :)

  3. Thanks Jenn. I just love to winenchat.

  4. Thank you, Laura. My head is hanging a little lower because I have received several awards, but I somehow never get around to passing the award on. That would be the main reason why they are not displayed on my blog... my face is red.

    However, I am honored and I thank you for thinking of me. I just MAY be shamed enough to do something to acknowledge the awards.... Stay tuned...

  5. Anonymous17/2/12 21:20

    Thank you so much! Oh, and I love to "stoop it," too!