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Monday, August 8, 2011

My Friend, "The Curry Diva"

As a foodie, I  work with so many different talented chefs and restaurants. I feel blessed to have made so many great friends as a director working at a human service agency.  I work with homeless families and children. To that end, I bring on many guest chefs into our charming Kids Cafe' at Perspectives.  Can you believe these generous souls come here, donate the food for 60 or more children and parents, teach foodie skills and share their time and talent?  It is a great thing we do here and I am so proud of our Kids Connection program, but I am also so very fond and proud of the great work the chefs do in this community.  It does make a huge impact. Giving back to the community is the best role modeling we can show our youth.

One of the many chefs and friends I have made as a director here at Perspectives is Heather Jansz.  She is a delightful human being with gifts bestowed on her galore.  She is a Chef and more precisely, "The Curry Diva".  She has delighted my palate many times with her wonderful curry dishes and has even gotten our kids to eat them with pleasure.  Our kids are at risk youth that would otherwise not be exposed to this special food.

Tonight is the last night my friend Heather is cooking her special curry for  "Curry Night" at the Edina Grill.  She will move on to another restaurant in Maple Grove after tonight. She will be at the 3 restaurant from August 15-September 26th.    You must check it out and fill your taste buds with flavour.  Tell them Laura sent you from Kids Cafe.

I took my daughter with me to eat this fantastic beef curry dish last night. My daughter ate a cheese burger basket, but I forgave her. I delved into the amazing beef curry dish. I was so happy.  It was a lovely night out on the Edina Grill Cafe patio. How could I lose?  A perfect August night, a perfect breeze, my beautiful thirteen year old daughter and great food.

The "Curry Diva" creates unforgettable Sri Lankan, Indonesian, and Ayurvedic foods to nourish your body and feed the soul. She is also available for cooking lessons and demonstrations, as well as catering.

Thanks again Heather.  What a great experience you gave my daughter and I at the patio.

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