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Sunday, April 3, 2011

Top Ten Reasons Minnesotan's Want Spring So Badly

We Minnesotans' have just about had enough of " Old Man Winter" this March. One day we have warmth and the next day snow. Hail, snow, frost, ice dams, freezing rain, flooding, sleet, warmth, more snow, thunder snow, ice and so it goes.
I had to distract myself from the depressing roller coaster of weather here In Minnesota. Please see my creation and enjoy laughing at us as we endure this torture. You betcha.

10. "Housebound" has a whole new meaning.
9. Me and Me are talking much too often.
8. Hotel California
7. My walls and I are at one with each other.
6. SAD: Seasonal Affective Disorder- It ain't no river in China.
5. Can you say FROSTBITE?
4. You had me at Ice Dam
3. My dry, patchy skin has fallen off
2. The sun?
1. Which do you choose? Arctic or Sub Zero?
I sit here tonight in my warm home in Minnetonka, Minnesota, looking back and remembering. Just two days ago, I was on my deck barbecuing for the first time. OK, so there was some snow around my feet, but I was hopeful that spring had sprung. We got hit again with a snow storm last night into today. Many local schools were shut down, roads were treacherous, but what was worse was the Minnesota defeatist attitudes. We have broken all snow fall records this year in MN. Hopefully, spring will come soon and the ground hog will be right. Spring was to come early for us. Hmmmmmmmmm?  I do not know if I am a believer.

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