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Monday, March 7, 2011

Mourning the death of my Jeep

It is hard to say good by to a friend that has been through so much with my family and I. It was a tough week in that my 1997 Jeep Cherokee had stalled twice.  I ended up having to rent a car for one week. It was expensive, but the BP station  that took it in to have it repaired thought they had it figured out. I was excited since I got my car back. Well, it stalled again and I was with out a car once more.

  I got the call as I sat at my desk at work. " Laura, pick up line one, it is an emergency."  My sister was on the other end of the phone.  She knew this would be tough for me, so she asked if I was sitting down.  I said " Linda, just get to the point, what is going on?"  I was told that my Jeep Cherokee was going to car heaven. I loved that car and felt like I was saying good by to a good loyal friend. I know it is just a car, but this car had been with my kids since they were three and four years old. I had been through a marriage and divorce in that car. I had been a single mom, traveled to our old cabin each year in this car. I felt so sad, I just sat at my desk and sobbed.  I know it is just a car, but this car and I had energy between us.  It knew just when to be done. One week earlier, I was in a very dangerous part of town and the temperature was -20.  Each time my car stalled on me, I was close to a place where I could call for help.  I also had no cell phone this week so it was even more amazing.

I love my Jeep Cherokee. My car license plate read DVL for many years.  I named it divine love.  I send you with blessings onto your new adventure where you will help others that need parts for their car to take them to safety. My family loved you Divine Love.  We will never forget you.

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