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Friday, June 4, 2010

The Inside Scoop--Intuition

Intuition, psychic ability, God given Instincts, ESP, inner voice. There are so many ways we can perceive the process or gift of intuition. I will be clear from the start that I believe there is no magical way we can learn this ability, as I believe It is God given. I think we can learn to fine tune this gift from our creator, but let me be clear that we all have some intuitive abilities. You heard me right, we are each born with intuition, it is a matter of whether we pay attention or not. I know we all have different levels of this gift. As young children, we are more open to feelings of intuition because we have not learned the social norms yet that get in the way for us as adults. My own children are highly intuitive, but the older they get, the farther away from their intuitive nature they get. I mean, they are still intuitive, but not as open and connected to that realm since they need to be grounded in their daily lives. I know the older I get I have found my balance of the intuitive and the logical side of me. It is not healthy to be too far on either side. One needs the ego strength to go through this life on the physical realm. We also need the other side of us, the more creative side. I really think in these times of hardship in our world, we need to see how important intuition is for all of us. My instincts or my intuition has helped me and those around me more times than I can count. It is part of me just like my limbs are a part of me.
I was born highly intuitive and felt it was normal because it is all I knew. I could see colors around peoples heads, have gut feelings about others when I met them and see energy. I believe this creative energy I see everywhere, is God. As young as three years old I used this ability to help me in life. I don't get too caught up in what others call it, but I know and feel it is energy from our creator. I do not like the word psychic or any of that baloney as I do believe some frauds have made money off the idea of intuition and have done damage to the real gift that it really is. Some have made the intuitive side of our being a mockery.
The Wikipedia definition of Intuition is this: Knowledge or understanding without apparent effort. The word intuition comes from the latin word 'intueri', which is often roughly translated as meaning "to look inside" or 'to contemplate." Intuition provides us with beliefs that we cannot necessarily justify. For this reason, it has been the subject of the study of psychology, as well as a topic of interest in the supernatural. As, a psychology student and then a masters student in counseling psychology, I, along with my classmates learned right away that the "right brain" is popularly associated with intuitive processes such as aesthetic abilities. Some scientists have said that intuition is associated with innovation in scientific discovery and the subject of new age writings. How many times have we heard that innovations came in dreams. I know my best works have come from my dreams. I now know why during my masters program I was so enthralled in the learnings and teachings of quantam physics. I felt I was home hearing about how normal the intuitive nature of human beings was.
I know I am not rare having the gift of intuition but I wanted to write and educate others about the subject since I believe others are so frightened by it. There is nothing unnatural about knowing before the phone rings that it will ring or knowing some how that a friend you have not seen in many years comes to visit. I believe intuition is as natural as breathing. I want others to feel comfortable with the gift of intuition. I know many who are so afraid of their intuition and I think that is so sad. I believe it is our birth right and it protects us. I know it has helped shape me and my life and the direction I took in my life. I am happy to say that at my age of 47, I am very pleased with where my life is. There was an age where I fought the feelings and inklings of intuition. As one ages, wisdom does temper the feelings of thinking that one must hide this side of our nature.
Let me give you an example of one of many intuitive experiences I had and listened to. Now, I will tell you that I always have to temper the fact that I can share my knowledge or not with others. This is something I will always have to look at.
I worked with a woman who helped me co-facilitate parenting groups. We sat in my office going over the curriculum we would be presenting for that night. I had my candle lit and my soft jazz music on. I like to be very relaxed before I present and I know it brings me peace and I am more grounded in my trainings. I had a choice, I could let her know what I was being told or just keep it to myself. I have had the greatest spiritual mentor who taught me to use it ONLY FOR THE GREATER GOOD. I put my hand out and pointed to her abdomen. I said, " Julianne, I am feeling as if there is pain in your abdomen." She said, how did you know that." I said, I just can see it and it feels cold and I really think you need to get it checked out." That is when she shared with me that she had been experiencing this pain for weeks and did not think it was anything serious. She told me she would wait for her next doctor appointment to get it checked. I told her I hope and will pray it is nothing serious and encouraged her to get it checked as soon as possible. Julianne called me four weeks later to tell me she had been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. Now, I don't know how I could feel it or see it, but I did. Some of us listen to our inner voice and have a strong, vibrant connection. I liken it to tuning in a radio and being on a certain frequency. At times it comes through very loud and clear and other times it does not. I do know that I cant keep quiet if I believe I may help someone. My friend and coworker started treatments right away and was able to get the help she needed. I was there for her during her entire journey. She thanked me often and told me she would have let it go too long for any treatment to work. We became very close because of this incident.

I really want to share with you a fantastic, mind expanding, very gripping show I watch at night that has helped me feel as if intuition is getting it's due. The show is called "Medium." It is a show that mimics a womans real life journey as an intuitive. People really love the show or really hate it. That is why I wanted to critique this show because I think we all need to realize how important our right brain is. Why do we give our logic so much attention. I am asking you to open up your heart and mind for a moment and just look at another way of thinking, or better yet, feeling. I can only tell you that whether others believe this woman in the show or not, does not matter to me, but I do.

I stay up late to watch this show with my twin sister that airs on the lifetime channel. I am not asking anyone to believe or not believe, but I am writing this to make you think and hopefully listen with that intuition that we all have. In the show, Allison Dubois, a normal housewife who works with the district attorney as a consultant does what she does best. As an intuitive, she knows whether or not a person is involved in the crime or not and can see it in her waking hours and in dreams. In this show, the district attorney has seen over and over again how important her intuition has been to solve cases in the Phoenix Arizona area. The show and her real life is getting a lot of media attention. Also, cynics, skeptics and believers are going at it like crazy trying to pull others to their side. See a article here:

Allison DuBois

Medium TV is Show Based on Her Life

By Judy Hedding

•Allison DuBois is an Arizona native. She was born on January 24, 1972 in Phoenix, Arizona.

•Allison graduated from Corona del Sol High School in Tempe in 1990.

•While going for her degree, Allison DuBois was also an intern at the District Attorney's office in Phoenix

•Allison received a B.A. in political science with a minor in history from Arizona State University.

•Allison DuBois spent four years participating in various tests at the University of Arizona to assist them in their studies of mediums and psychic phenomena.

•Just as depicted on the TV show Medium, Allison DuBois' husband is named Joe. He is an aerospace engineer. He recently retired from that career.

•Allison and Joe DuBois have three daughters in real life, as depicted in the Medium TV show.

•Allison became aware of her special talent when she was 6 years old. She believes that her three daughters have inherited her gift.

•Allison DuBois refers to herself as a medium and profiler. She doesn't use the term 'psychic' because of the negative connotation associated with it.

•One variation from the Medium TV show: Allison DuBois says that although some of her visions come to her in dreams, most of them come to her when she's awake.

Quotation from Allison DuBois' web site:

"Every episode is not a biography of my life, it is simply based on my life experiences. It is an accurate portrayal of my life and the people who share it with a little Hollywood magic thrown in."

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