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Friday, April 2, 2010

Mind Matters----Anxiety-- Your Not Alone

Every now and again I will blog about different mental health issues since this is where my education and experience lies.  Part of what had me pursue the mental health field was that I wanted to be able to share with others, in an easy to understand language, what different mental health issues look like and feel like so that I could share what worked for me.  Lets face it, no one has a perfect childhood nor do they come out unscathed by all the dynamics in their family of origin.  

The first thing I want to say, is that the most common neurosis in our fast paced, get it now world, is the entire range of anxiety disorders. Today I will share in my Mind Matters segment, what anxiety is, what it feels like and what you can do about it.  For more information, you can go to

 I can share with you, that as a young girl around five years old is when I felt my first pangs of anxiety.  I did not have any idea at the time what was happening to me, but now I do and can share with you how crippling anxiety can be.  One must get help because there are times where diet, excersize and doing all the right things just doesn't matter.  If you do feel anxiety gripping, make sure to eat a balanced meal, excersize, take your vitamins, and it never hurts to get some good ol' therapy to learn what is upsetting you.  Anxiety can feel as if someone or something is smothering you and you can't breathe.  In my case, it was anxiety brought on by remnants of my childhood that I had to look at.  I remember sitting at my desk and my heart pounding out of my chest.  It did not take long for my sister to talk to me at length about panic attacks and what they feel like.  Yep, it was a panick attack.  You feel as if you want to run from yourself.
 Here are some tips just in case this happens to you:
Make sure to take any tight clothing off that may be increasing your anxiety.  Take off your shoes and slowly rub your feet on the floor and take your time and just breathe slow and easy as you rub your feet into the carpet.  This will bring you back into your body.  When the fight or flight syndrome occurs you really do go somewhere else.
 Ground yourself and remind yourself that anxiety attacks always have a starting point and an end.  Normally one does not go longer than ten minutes, trust me, 
and this too shall pass.
 Talk to a friend once you have calmed down  get some tender love and care.
 I would take nice hot bubble baths with candles as I listened to smooth jazz. This helped me tremendously
Don't give the power to your panick. Once you learn this skill, your off to a calmer way of life.  The more power you give anxiety, the worse it will get.  The mind can be tricky and you can learn how to outsmart it.  

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